Our story

Cleaning out his family’s garage, our founders looked at all the items gathering dust and thought: “There has to be a way to connect people who own rarely-used items with those needing them”. The idea for LendMe was born.

As the planet warms and the population grows, so is unsustainable consumerism. At LendMe, we aim to help people maximise the use of the products they have – cutting down consumerism and carbon emissions along the way.

Why use LendMe?

Make money

LendMe is completely cash-based, so any money you make goes straight into your pocket.

Save the planet

LendMe gives you access to the items you need without using extra precious resources. Together, we can get better at using the things we already have.

Enjoy high quality products

Instead of shelling out hard-earned cash for cheap computer speakers for your party, ski gear for the once-off trip to the snow, or the cot and pram for visiting relatives, borrow high-quality items for a competitive price. And then return them when you’re done.

Hire when you want

Business hours are irrelevant with LendMe, as you can lend and borrow any time that suits you.

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